Web Contact Form – Add Web Contact Form to Your Website

Add Form to a Page

To add a contact form to a page, you will need the “Generated Web Code” from the Web Contact Form configuration record you want to display on that page. You can add the same contact form to as many pages as you like, even on different websites. You can also create unlimited contact form configurations for other pages to help you track where your forms are being submitted from.

The Generated Code is an iFrame that can be added anywhere on any webpage. The process for doing that will vary from web platform to web platform, like WordPress, GoDaddy, SquareSpace, Wix, or any other web platform. Consult your web platform documentation.

A few things to know. The iframe has a transparent background, so it will inherit the area’s background color in which it is placed. The minimum width of the iframe is 400px, and the height is 550px. You can change these values in the code, but you should test how it appears on your site and mobile. The other values in the code should not be altered; otherwise, the Prospect record may not be created in your RapidStart CRM.  The generated code does not display a form title, so you may want to add “Contact Us”, “Sign up”, or whatever label you wish above your form appropriate for your use.

To see an example of the form placed on a page, you can go to our page here

The form fields are hard-coded and cannot be edited.

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