RapidStartCRM Referral – User Roles RapidStartCRM includes several User Roles that a “RapidStart Power User” can assign to users from within the application including: RapidStart Limited User This role is for basic users, that you do not want to see certain records of other users. This user can only see their own records; either records… Read More

RapidStartCRM Referral – User Teams RapidStartCRM provides the optional ability to group users into Teams, like a Sales Team,  and have records owned by those Teams, instead of individual Users. Note: this is a feature of the application and is not “Microsoft Teams”. There are three steps: Create a Team, add Users to it and… Read More

RapidStartCRM Referral – User Positions RapidStartCRM provides the optional ability to create and assign Positions to users. You may find this handy as it will show the Position in the User’s record, but for some of our Addons, like RapidStartSERVICE, Positions are needed for app functionality. This is spelled out in the particular app’s documentation.… Read More

RapidStartCRM – Outlook App RapidStartCRM works with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Not only can certain activities be performed from within Outlook, certain activities can also be synchronized between Outlook and RapidStartCRM. What is the Outlook App? Click here to open the User Guide from Microsoft Activating the Outlook App for RapidStartCRM Note: The… Read More

RapidStartCRM Referral Addon Documentation RapidStartCRM Referral Addon RapidStartCRM Referral Addon is an extension to RapidStartCRM that adds Referral Management capabilities. What can you do with RapidStartCRM Referral Addon? We have focused on the core capabilities that most customers have asked for when starting with a Referral Management Application for the first time. Obviously, a place… Read More