User Time Entries You can add Time Entries in several different ways. From the Time Sheet From a Record From the Mobile App 1) Adding time from the Time Sheet On the Time Sheet form you can see the Quick Steps Button to Add Time Entry. Clicking on the Quick Steps button will bring in… Read More

User Time Sheets As a User, you can view your own Time Sheet by clicking on Time Sheets in the sidebar in whatever RapidStartCRM App you are using. (RapidStartCRM Main App below) You can open the Time Sheet by clicking on its name. On this record you can see quite a few things that have… Read More

RapidStartCRM Time Sheets User Overview What can you do with RapidStartCRM Time Sheets Addon? As a User, you can view your Active Time Sheets and add Time Entries, either to records or unassigned time.  There is also a mobile app for users to easily enter time on-the-go. Did we mention that you want to be… Read More