Creating a Web Contact Form Configuration

Create a Form

To create a Web Contact Form Configuration, a user with the RapidStart CRM Power User role can open the RapidStart Settings app.

(1) Select “Contact Form Config” in the sidebar to see a list of your previously created contact forms, if any.
(2) Select “New”

(1) Give the form a name (for widest compatibility, this should be all lower case, letters only, with no spaces. Give the form an optional description and select a user who will own the records. The Owner can be changed at any time later.
(2) Save the Record

After Saving a few additional items will appear

(1) Copy the entire “Generated Web Code” to place on your pages(s) or site(s)
(2) You do not need to select “Import Contacts”. That will happen automatically per the recurrence, once a day by default unless you modified it per this documentation. This toggle can be used to initiate collection on-demand for testing or any other purpose. After collection it automatically reverts to “No”.

The Form Prospects Tab

(1) The Form Prospects tab will display information about the Submissions
(2) The number of Submissions is automatically incremented; this can be changed if you want to eliminate your testing submissions for example.
(3) You can select the name on any submission to go the record from here.