RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Email Notifications

Using Email Notifications

By default, the RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon sends an email notification to the form owner for each new submission.

For this to function, the user’s email needs to be Enabled and Tested, if not already. Instructions for that are here.

If you have a high volume of submissions, you may wish to disable this email notification to not flood user inboxes. The user could also create an inbox folder and use an outlook rule.

To disable the email notifications feature, a user with the System Administrator or Customizer role can open any RapidStart app

(1) Click on the “gear”
(2) Select “Advanced Settings”

(1) Select the “Settings” Dropdown
(2) Select “Processes”

In the list of processes, Select “Contact -Web Form”

Select “Deactivate”

(1) Select the last step “Email Alert to Owner”
(2) Select “Delete this step”
(3) Select “Save”
(4) Select “Activate”