RapidStartCRM Field Service Automated Emails

The RapidStartCRM Field Service Addon provides for automated emails. An email will go out to your Service Contact (Customer) when a Dispatcher creates a Service Appointment, and also when your Technicians’ update their status regarding Service Appointments on the Mobile App. If you would like to disable this functionality, you can deactivate the workflow. The following steps will require the user to have the System Administrator or System Customizer roles. From any RapidStartCRM app:

Click the Gear (1), then “Advanced Settings” (2)

Clik the arrow next to “Settings” (1) and then click “Processes” (2)

Locate the workflow process named “Service Appointment – Send Status Alerts” and tick the box (1), then click Deactivate (2)

Note: Editing the email templates is done from the Dispatchers app.