Rapidstart CRM – Cases

A feature of RapidStart CRM is the ability to create and track Cases for support, warranty or other Customer Issues.

You can get to your Cases a couple of different ways. To view all of your Cases across all of your Companies and Contacts, click on theĀ  icon in the side bar.

Cases List View

The List View of Active Cases will open, which looks similar to a spreadsheet.

  1. There are a few different view filters available with RapidStart CRM, and you can select between them. In addition you can set any view as your default.
  2. The Ribbon, contains various Actions that you can take with regard to existing Cases, like exporting them to Excel for example. If you select one or more Cases, by placing a checkmark in the first column, the available Actions will change to those to be performed on the selected Cases, like Closing or Re-Opening a Case for example.
  3. To open a particular Case record, you can click on the Case Name.

Case Record Form

The Case Record form, is will where you will work to keeping your existing Customers Happy.

  1. In the Ribbon, you will see actions you can take on this record, like assigning it to someone else, or closing it, for example.
  2. In addition to Company and Contact information, in the center there is also an Issue Details panel, for information regarding the Case.
  3. Most records in RapidStart CRM have a Timeline panel to track activities on that particular record.
  4. Most records in RapidStart CRM have “Tabs” to move between other areas of the particular record. On the Case record there is an additional tab for Custom Fields.
  5. The Case record includes a Case Process Flow, to guide your users through the steps of successfully resolving the Case.

Creating New Cases

You create new Cases from either a Company or Contact record. This is also where you would see Cases related to a particular Company or Contact. To get there, open any Company or Contact record and click on the Cases Tab.

A Contact Record is shown here, but the steps are identical from a Company record.

  1. From a Contact or Company record, select the Cases Tab to display the list view of related Cases.
  2. The Cases list shows the Cases that are related to either the Contact, or if looking at this view from a Company Record, it shows all Cases related to all Contacts with that Company. To open a particular Cases record, you can click on the Case Name.
  3. To create a new Case, click on the New Case button.

New Case Rapid Create Form

Throughout RapidStart CRM we have focused on simplicity and speed. When you click on the New Case button, it brings in the Rapid Create form

  1. The Rapid Create form slides in from the side, without leaving the record you are currently viewing.
  2. Some items are auto-populated based on what underlying record you are viewing. You only need to provide the minimal additional data.
  3. When complete, you can Save the record, which will then immediately appear in the list. Use Save and Create New, to create several records at once.