RapidStart CRM – Companies

One of the core items that you and your users will create and track in RapidStart CRM are the Companies you work with. These could be your customers, vendors, partners… any kind of business entity really.

Companies List View

The List View of Companies will open, which looks similar to a spreadsheet.

  1. To get to Companies, in the Sidebar, click on the  icon
  2. There are a few different view filters available with RapidStart CRM, and you can select between them. In addition you can set one as your default.
  3. The Ribbon, contains various Actions that you can take with regard to Companies, like adding news one for example. If you select one or more Companies, by placing a checkmark in the first column, the available Actions will change to those to be performed on the selected Companies.
  4. To open a particular Company record, you can click on the Company name.

Company Record Form

The Main Company Record form, will probably be one of two primary starting points for work you do in RapidStart CRM, the other one being Contacts.

  1. In the Ribbon, you will see action you can take on this record, like assigning it to someone else for example.
  2. In addition to Company information, in the center there is also contact information, including information about the Primary Contact, and any other Contacts that are at the Company.
  3. Most records in RapidStart CRM have a Timeline panel to track activities on that particular record.
  4. Most records in RapidStart CRM have “Tabs” to move between other areas of the particular record. On the Company record there are tabs for Addresses,  Details, Opportunities, Projects* and Cases.

*Pro Feature at additional Cost