Getting around in RapidStart Homebuilder

Before you dive into the specifics of Companies, Contacts, etc., it would probably be useful to have a quick overview of how to get around in RapidStart Homebuilder. We have tried to make RapidStart Homebuilder as intuitive as possible, but it can’t hurt to provide a quick lay-of-the-land. By default, when you open the RapidStart Homebuilder App, you will land on the Sales Metrics Dashboard. From here you can navigate to anywhere else.

  1. The Primary RapidStart Homebuilder Navigation is from the side bar. Clicking on the “Hamburger” at the top of the sidebar will collapse it.
  2. Platform Navigation is at the very top. From here you can access How2 training, as well as Personal Settings, recently viewed records, etc.
  3. Ribbon. This bar will show Actions you can take related to the record or list you are viewing at the time, the Actions will vary depending on what type of records you are looking at.