RapidStart CRM – Using the Timeline

Most records in RapidStart CRM have a Timeline panel on the Summary page, and it works the same on all record types. The Timeline is where you add various Activities and Notes to the records, providing you with a complete history of your interactions.

In the example Timeline below, you can see where a few Notes have been added previously.

Activity Types

You can add Notes (with attachments), Appointments, Emails, Phone Calls and Tasks to any record.

  1. Select the “+” to add an Activity
  2. Select the type of Activity, a new window will open

Add Notes on-the-fly

You can enter a Note immediately just by clicking and typing.

  1. Enter a Title and the actual Note
  2. Attach a file from any source you can browse to

Filtering the Timeline

Over time you could create quite a few Activities in the Timeline for a record. No need to scroll.

  1. Select the three dots to open the submenu
  2. Click to Open the Filter Pane

Timeline Filter Pane

  1. In the Filter Pane, you can filter the list by any Activity type
  2. You can also change the Sort Order


If you have Outlook and Office 365, Appointments and Tasks created in the Timeline, will be synchronized and will appear in your Outlook Calendar and Task Lists.