RapidStart CRM CSAT Addon

Modifying the CSAT Import Recurrence

CSAT submissions are added to a queue. By default, they are imported into RapidStart CRM once a day. If you would like to see your new ratings and comments sooner or later, you can change the recurrence interval, by adjusting the recurrence trigger for the Flow. Start by logging into Power Automate here. Don’t forget, that you can also manually trigger submissions retrieval at any time.

(1) First make sure you are in the environment where the web form addon is installed. If not click to select it
(2) Click on “Solutions” in the Sidebar
(3) Click to open the “RSCRM CSAT” solution

(1) In the Solution, select “Objects” in the sidebar, if not already open to the above view
(2) Select “Cloud Flows”
(3) Click the “ellipses” (3 dots) next to CSAT Import Recurrence, and select “Edit” from the options

(1) Click on the blue trigger bar to expand the trigger
(2) Adjust the “Frequency” and “Interval”
(3) “Save” and then Close

Note: Each Flow run uses Power Platform Capacity. Many runs, like “Once per Second” for example, may lead to additional costs. We suggest you not make the recurrence any more often than necessary to keep within your allowance.