RapidStartCRM User Overview

What is RapidStartCRM?

RapidStartCRM is a simple to use, Basic CRM application.

What can you do with RapidStartCRM?

We have focused on the core capabilities that most customers seeking a simple-to-use CRM Application have asked for. Obviously, a place to store information about the Companies (Accounts) you work with, and the Contacts at those companies. In addition, we have provided capabilities for Contacts that you may not being doing business with yet, we call them Prospects. One of the highest priorities of our customers is the ability to create and track Opportunities for new business. Also, many of our customers want a way to create and track Cases, for various issues that their customers may have. Last, but not least, our Customers want Dashboards, where they can quickly see a 360-degree view of “everything”.

Did we mention that you want to be able to do all these things quickly and easily? This is what RapidStartCRM is all about!

Get Started

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Note: This documentation is updated whenever we release an update. If the information or screenshots within do not match what you see, you may be on an older version.