RapidStart CRM – Outlook App

RapidStart CRM works with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Not only can certain activities be performed from within Outlook, but certain activities can also be synchronized between Outlook and RapidStart CRM.

What is the Outlook App?

Click here to open the User Guide from Microsoft

Click here to get the Outlook App

Activating the Outlook App for RapidStart CRM

Note: The following steps are performed in the advanced settings area. Be careful while you are in this area, if you make changes other than what are described below, or to other items, you could cause your system to stop functioning.

To activate the Outlook capabilities for RapidStart CRM, a System Administrator role is necessary to perform the following three steps.

  1. Approve, Test and Enable User Mailboxes
  2. Add the App to Users
  3. Add the Security Role to Users

To get started, from anywhere in RapidStart CRM, click the Gear Icon (1), and select “Advanced Settings”(2). If you do not see Advanced Settings, you do not have the System Administrator role.

Advanced Settings

The above screen may change in the future, this is what it looks like as of this writing. Select “Settings” to open the options panel

Step 1 – Approve and Enable Mailboxes

Select “Email Configuration”, then “Mailboxes” from the screen that opens

Perform the following Steps:

  1. Switch to the “Active Mailboxes” View.
  2. Select one or more users.
  3. Select “Approve Email”, then re-select users (2)
  4. Select “Test and Enable Mailbox”. Be aware that your users will receive an email letting them know that their mailbox is now connected to Dynamics 365.
  5. After a few minutes click the refresh link.
  6. You are looking for a “Success” message for the three items shown, for each user. You may have to refresh (5) a few times.

Step 2 – Enable Outlook App

Go back to “Settings” and select “Dynamics 365 App for Outlook”

Here you will enable the Outlook App for Users

  1. Unless you only want certain users to have the app, select the box to automatically add Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. After doing this you would not need to come back here in the future, you can just Approve and Enable the Mailboxes above.
  2. You can refresh this view, but the installation takes some time. If users do not see the app appearing, you can come back here and look for issues.
  3. A list of Users app statuses

Step 3 – Add Security Role

Go back to “Settings” and click “Security”, then “Users” in the pane that opens.

Add Role

  1. Switch to the “Enabled Users” view
  2. Select one or more Users
  3. Select “Manage Roles”

  1. Scroll to and select the “Dynamics 365 App for Outlook User” role.
  2. Click “OK”

That’s it, you are done!