RapidStartPROJECT Projects

The main feature of RapidStartPROJECT is the ability to create and track Projects for the delivery of your services. You can create simple single-level Projects, or you can break larger Projects down into Project Tasks, like mini-projects. You can also track Time and Expenses for your Projects.

You can get to your Projects a couple of different ways.

Projects List View

To view all of your Projects across all of your Companies and Contacts, click on the  icon in the side bar .  There are a few different view filters available with RapidStartPROJECT, and you can select between them . In addition you can set any view as your default. To open a particular Project record, you can click on the Project Name . The Ribbon , contains various Actions that you can take with regard to existing Projects, like exporting them to Excel for example. If you select one or more Projects, by placing a checkmark in the first column, the available Actions will change to those to be performed on the selected Projects, like Assigning or Deactivating for example.

Project Record Form

The Project Record form has a lot going on. There is a Project Process , as well as tabs for the Timeline, Tasks and Expenses , and some Quick Steps buttons .  Project Expenses are tracked at the Project level, and you can add a budget here . You can modify Project Start and End dates here . You can see the time spent here .

Note: Time is tracked at the task level. The total Time budget is calculated from the time budget added to all Tasks.