RapidStart CRM – Project Schedule (Gantt Chart)

For Projects with a large number of Project Tasks, it can be challenging to visualize the schedule from the Project Task list view of Start and End Dates. So we have created an interactive Gantt Chart Schedule Board.

To get to the Schedule, open a Project.

  1. Click the Tasks Tab
  2. Click the ellipses
  3. Click “Show As” and select GanttChartGrid

Schedule View

  1. Selector to display work days or all days
  2. Selector to change view Calendar Scale
  3. List view of all Project Tasks previously created
  4. Interactive Gantt Display of Project Tasks on a Calendar View
  5. Bar indicates Start and End Dates for specific Project Task
  6. Green Portion of Bar indicates the Percentage of Completion of the Project Task
  7. Add Tasks in Ribbon or with Button

Task Bar

Hovering over a Task Bar will reveal some additional capabilities.

  1. A Popup view of Task Details
  2. A slider to adjust the Percentage of Completion of the Project Task
  3. “Handles” to drag the Start and End Dates
  4. You can also drag the entire bar forward or backward without changing the duration.

*Pro Feature at additional Cost