Rapidstart Project – Project Tasks

A feature of RapidStart Projects is the ability to break a larger Project into Project Tasks, like mini-projects. Project Tasks are added at the Project Level.

You can get to your Project Tasks a couple of different ways.

Project Tasks List View

The List View of Active Project Tasks will open, which looks similar to a spreadsheet.

  1. To view all of your Project Tasks across all of your Projects, click the  icon in the side bar.
  2. There are a few different view filters available with RapidStart Project, and you can select between them. In addition you can set any view as your default.
  3. The Ribbon, contains various Actions that you can take with regard to existing Project Tasks, like exporting them to Excel for example. If you select one or more Project Tasks, by placing a checkmark in the first column, the available Actions will change to those to be performed on the selected Project Tasks, like Assigning or Closing for example.
  4. To open a particular Project Task record, you can click on the Task Name.

Project Task Record Form

The Project Task Record form, is a more elaborate form. Like we said, a Project Task is kind of a mini-project, that when taken as a group, represent a larger Project. You can certainly use this however you like, or not at all.

  1. In the Ribbon, you will see actions you can take on this record, like assigning it to someone else, or Deactivating it, for example.
  2. Quick Steps allow you to quickly create related Time records.
  3. Most forms in RapidStart Project have “Tabs” to move between other areas of the particular record. On the Project Task record there are additional tabs for the Timeline History and Task Time Entries and Custom Fields.
  4. The Project Task record includes a Project Task Process Flow, to guide your users through the steps of successfully completing the Task.

Creating New Project Tasks

You create new Project Tasks from a Project Record, which you can open from either the sidebar or an Account or Contact record. This is also where you would see Project Tasks related to a particular Project. To get there, open any Account or Contact record and then click on the Projects Tab, select a Project and then click on the Tasks Tab for the Project.

  1. From a Project record, select the Tasks Tab to display the list view of related Project Tasks.
  2. The Project Task list shows the Project Tasks that are related to the Project. To open a particular Project Task record, you can click on the Task Name.
  3. To create a new Project Task, click on the New Project Task button.

New Project Task Rapid Create Form

Throughout RapidStart CRM we have focused on simplicity and speed. When you click on the New Project Task button, it brings in the Rapid Create form

  1. The Project Task Quick Create form slides in from the side, without leaving the record you are currently viewing.
  2. Some items are auto-populated based on what underlying record you are viewing. You only need to provide the minimal additional data.
  3. When complete, you can Save the record, which will then immediately appear in the Project Task list. Use Save and Create New, to create several project tasks at once for this Project.