Project Management – Task Time

A feature of RapidStart CRM Project Management Addon is the ability to enter Time spent on your Project Tasks.

Task Time is recorded as a two decimal number for flexibility. You should decide what unit of measure you are going to track your Time by: Minutes, Hours, Days, etc., then use that Unit consistently. For example, if you decide you want to track by Hours, then always input in Hours, and in decimal format, so 1-1/2 Hours would be 1.50, etc.

Adding Time

(1) You can add “🕒 Task Time” from the “📘 TASK SUMMARY” tab of a Project Task above, or the “🕒 TASK TIME” tab below
(2) You can set or edit the “🕒 Budgeted Time” here also. Note this automatically added to the total Project Time Budget.

Viewing Time

You can view Time in a couple of different ways

On the “🕒 TASK TIME” tab of a Project Task Record

From “🕒 All Time” in the Sidebar. This displays all Active Time records for all Active Project Tasks.

Editing Project Time

You can open a Time Record by clicking on “🏷️ Item” from either of the above views.

Here you can edit the “🏷️ Item” description or “🕜 Time Spent”