RapidStart Project – Expenses

A feature of RapidStart Project solution is the ability to enter Project Expenses for your Projects. Project Expenses are added at the Project level.

On Form Video available!

Add Project Expense Budget and Expenses

On the Project form “📘 PROJECT SUMMARY” tab above or the “💲PROJECT EXPENSES” tab below

Viewing Expenses

You can view Expenses in a couple of different ways.

On the “💲PROJECT EXPENSES” tab of a Project Record. This is also where you would set or edit the Project’s Total “💲Expense Budget”.

From “💲All Expenses” in the Sidebar. This displays all Active Expense records for all Active Projects.

Editing Project Time

You can open an Expense Record by clicking on “🏷️ Item” from either of the above views.

Here you can edit the “🏷️ Item”, “📋 Description,” or “💲Cost”. You can also delete the item from the top navigation.