RapidStart Project – Subcontractors

Many organizations subcontract some or all of their Project Tasks to other companies to perform on their behalf (Subcontractors).

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Creating Subcontractors

Subcontractors are Account and/or Contact records where the option “🛠️ Is Subcontractor?” has been selected.

Once selected and saved, the Account or Contact forms will transform to display information relevant to Subcontractors. If you are doing business other than Subcontracting with these entities, you should create separate Accounts/Contacts for non-subcontract business.

Note: When you select “🛠️ Is Subcontractor?” on an Account record, all Contacts for that Account will also be updated to Subcontractor.

Adding Subcontractors to Projects

You add Subcontractors to Projects by adding them to Project Tasks. If the entity is an organization, select from the “🏢 Subcontractor” list and then select the Subcontractor’s Contact for this task in the “👤 Sub Contact” list. If the entity is an individual, you would select them from the “👤 Sub Contact” and leave the “🏢 Subcontractor” blank.

You can track Subcontractor Time and Expenses like you do for non-subcontracted Project Tasks.

Viewing Subcontractors

The “🏢 SUBCONTRACTORS” tab on a Project record will list all Subcontractors who are associated with Project Tasks on that Project.

From Account or Contacts in the Sidebar. Select view, either “Active Subcontractor” or “Active Subcontractor on Current Projects.

Viewing Subcontractor Tasks

To view all Project Tasks for a Subcontractor on a Subcontractor’s record, click the “🛠️ SUBCONTRACTED TASKS” tab.