RapidStart Project – Project Tasks

A feature of the RapidStart Project solution is the ability to break large Projects into multiple Project Tasks. You can create up to 250 Project Tasks for a Project.

On Form Video available!

Adding Project Tasks

On the Project form “📘 PROJECT SUMMARY” tab above and the “🔧 PROJECT TASKS” tab below.

Viewing Project Tasks

You can view Project Tasks in a couple of different ways.

On the “🔧 PROJECT TASKS” tab of a Project Record.

From “🔧 All Tasks” in the Sidebar. This displays all Active Task records for all Active Projects.

You can also view and adjust Project Tasks on the Interactive Schedule. See “Project Schedules” in the documentation.

Editing Project Tasks

You can open a Project Task by clicking on the “🔧 Task Name” from either of the above views.

The Project Task Form is another key component of the Project Management capabilities.

(1) There is a tab for “🕒 TASK TIME” which is discussed elsewhere in this documentation.
(2) The “🔧 Project Task Information” Pane displays the related “🛠️ Project”,”🏢 Account”, and/or “👤 Project Contact” and the “🔗 Predecessor” task if needed.
(3) The “🏢 Subcontractor” Pane displays information about the Subcontractors, if any.
(4) The “🔧 Task Details” Pane display information about the Task.
(5) The “🕒 Task Time” Pane displays information about the Budgeted and Actual Time for the Task.
(6) Project Task specific “🚀 Quick Steps”.