RapidStart Project – Templates

Building a Project with many Project Tasks can take some time. To save a lot of time creating similar projects, the RapidStart Project solution includes a Project templating system. This is one of the most powerful features of RapidStart Project!

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Creating a new Template from an existing Project

Templates are created from existing Projects. If you want to create Templates in advance, you can create a dummy Account just for this purpose, then create a Project(s) from scratch for that Account and build the Project(s) how you like. When you are satisfied, you can create a Template(s) from those Project(s).

(1) To create a Template from any Project record, select “Yes” for the “πŸ“Œ Make Template?” option.
(2) Save the Project’s record. Note: This could take several minutes depending on the number of tasks.

Viewing Templates

You can see your existing Project Templates by selecting “πŸ“Œ Project Templates” in the sidebar.

Editing a Template

Select the “πŸ› οΈ Project Name” from the view above.

The Project Template Form is similar to the Project form, excluding non-template items.

(1) There are Tabs for other items that are related to this Project Template, which are discussed elsewhere in this documentation.
(2) The “πŸ› οΈ Project Template Information” Pane displays the Project this Template was created from and the total number of Tasks.
(3) The “πŸ› οΈ Project Template Details” Pane displays information about the Project, including several automatically updated items.
(4) Add Template Task “πŸš€ Quick Step”.

When a Template is created from a Project, many items are copied over to the Template that you may want to edit, including Subcontractors, Tasks, Types, Categories, Time, and Expense budgets.

Note: You don’t need to edit the start, and end dates for the Project Template or Tasks, as these will be adjusted automatically when the Template is used. See Below

Creating a new Project from a Template

Start the same way you would create any Project. From a Contact or Account form, click the “Add Project” quick steps button.

(1) Enter a “πŸ› οΈ Project Name”.
(2)Β Select “Yes” for “πŸ“Œ From Template” (This will expose the Template list).
(3) Select a previously saved Template in “πŸ“ Select Template”.
(4) Provide a “πŸ“‹ Project Description”, “βš™οΈ Project Type”, “βš™οΈ Project Category”, or “πŸ’² Expense Budget” (If any are left blank, they will be copied from the Template).
(5) Enter a “πŸ“… Start Date” (which can be changed later).Β See Note below.

A new Project will be created, including all project information from the Template and all of the Project Tasks from the Template. The Task Subcontractors in the Template will also be copied over, but you can edit those later. The Task dates will be adjusted based on the new Project Start date, and any calculated values will be reset. This process could take several minutes if you have many Project Tasks in your Template. Afterward, you can make any adjustments and changes just like any Project. This is a huge timesaver!

Note: About “πŸ“… Start Date” and “πŸ“… Dead Line” on templates. Template dates are relative, so it is not important what they are. What is essential are the task durations.Β  When a new Project is created from a template, the system will compare the Template “πŸ“… Start Date” with the new Project “πŸ“… Start Date” you entered and shift all Project Tasks “πŸ“… Start Dates” and “πŸ“… Dead Lines” based on the difference. This will also create the project’s “πŸ“… Dead Line”.