RapidStart Project Option Set Setup

RapidStart Project for Dataverse includes three Global Option Sets you may want to edit to meet your needs. They are:

  • Project Type
    • Internal
    • External
    • Special
  • Project Category
    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
  • Project Task Category
    • Setup
    • Execution
    • Close Out

You should not alter any other included Option Sets, as the application requires them to function.

To modify the options, a user with the System Administrator or System Customizer role can go to https://make.powerapps.com/

Confirm or select the environment where you installed RapidStart Project, and then open the “Default” solution.

In the default solution, select “Choices” and locate the one(s) you want to edit. For example, “Project Type”, and click to edit.

Click the three dots (1) to edit or remove an existing option; Add a new option (2); when finished, click Save (3).

After you save, click “Publish,” and your options will be updated in the app(s). Users may need to refresh their browsers to see the changes.