RapidStart PROJECT – Projects

The core feature of the RapidStart PROJECT for Dynamics 365 solution is the ability to create and track Projects for the delivery of your services. You can create simple single-level Projects and just use the Timeline to track progress, or you can break larger Projects down into up to 250 Project Tasks. You also can track Subcontractors, Time, and Expenses for your Projects, and you can create Projects using Templates (See Project Templates in the documentation)

On Form Video available!

Create Projects

You create new Projects from either Account or Contact forms.

View Projects

You can view Projects in a few different ways, on the “🛠️ PROJECTS” tab of an Account or Contact record or from “🛠️ Projects” in the Sidebar.

To open a Project, click on the “🛠️ Project Name”.

Project Form

The Project Form is the core component of the Project Management capabilities.

(1) There are Tabs for other items that are related to this Project which are discussed elsewhere in this documentation
(2) The “🛠️ Project Information” Pane displays the related “🏢 Account” and/or the related “👤 Project Contact”.
(3) The “🛠️ Project Details” Pane displays information about the Project, including several automatically updated items.
(4) Project-specific “🚀 Quick Steps”.