RapidStartCRM Project Management Addon User Overview

What is RapidStartPROJECT?

RapidStartPROJECT is an addon to RapidStartCRM, which is a required pre-requisite. RapidStartPROJECT adds simple-to-use, Basic Project Management capabilities to your RapidStartCRM application. It is an accelerator that will reduce your costs and time to value for your investment.

The Mission of RapidStartCRM

We believe that Business Applications have become extremely powerful tools. If you are looking for that kind of power, you need to accept that there will be significant complexity. We also believe that many customers today, while impressed by the power, just want an application they can easily use… today. For them, Power can be added over time, as needed.

“Rapid” is not only part of our name, it is an over-arching goal in our design and Mission of RapidStartCRM. We want you to be able to use our applications with minimal training, and to be able to perform any task quickly. We want RapidStartCRM Apps to be enablers, not blockers of productivity for your customer relationships. Speed is achieved through a combination of an intuitive structure, clear organization and minimizing steps. We hope you will agree, compared to all other similar applications, we have accomplished that goal.

RapidStartPROJECT Core

The core of RapidStartPROJECT are Projects and Project Tasks. Projects are at the top of the hierarchy, and Project Tasks are related to Projects. Projects are created from either Contact or Account records. For example, you can create a new Project from either one, and the Project will be related to the other automatically.

What can you do with RapidStartPROJECT?

We have focused on the core capabilities that most users, starting with a Project Management Application for the first time, have asked for.  One of the highest priorities of our customers is the ability to create and track Projects for internal needs or customers. Larger Projects can be broken down into Project Tasks.  Last, but not least, our Customers want Dashboards, where they can quickly see a 360 degree view of “everything”.

Did we mention, that you want to be able to do all these things quickly and easily? This is what RapidStartPROJECT is all about.

Get Started

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