RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon Admin Overview

RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon

RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon is an extension to RapidStart CRM that adds Field Service capabilities.

What can you do with RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon?

We have focused on the core capabilities that most customers have asked for when starting with an application for managing their field service teams. This addon extends from the RapidStart CRM Cases Table, adding the capability to create Work Orders and Service Appointments. There are two apps in this addon, one is designed for Dispatchers, and the other is a mobile app for Technicians.

We have also included two new Dashboards, where Dispatchers can quickly see a 360-degree view of “everything”.

Did we mention that you want to be able to do all these things quickly and easily? This is what RapidStart CRM is all about.

Like everything RapidStart CRM, this app is completely customizable. Consulting and Customization services are available here.

Get Started

You should explore the RapidStart CRM documentation first, as the core functionality of RapidStart CRM is not included here.

RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon Setup

To use RapidStart CRM Field Service Addon, you will need first to set up a few things. Here is the overview:

  1. Dispatcher Setup
  2. Edit Optionsets (Choices)
  3. Technician Setup and Maintenance (refer to Dispatcher Documentation for this step)
  4. Edit Email Templates (refer to Dispatcher Documentation for this step)

Note: This documentation is updated whenever we release an update. If the information or screenshots do not match what you see, you may be on an older version.