RapidStart CRM – Process Flows

RapidStart CRM includes the following Process Flows:

  • Prospect Process Flow
  • Opportunity Process Flow
  • Case Process Flow

Process Flows are completely optional and can be hidden if desired. While they are not required to utilize RapidStart CRM, Process Flows are a great way to create checklists of things that should be done on a particular record at a certain point in time in order to advance the record forward. It is also a great way to instill your own “Best Practices” procedures within your Company or replicate a successful Process. While Process Flows may have different Stages and Steps from one another, they all work the same way. Here we will look at a simple Process Flow for Cases as an example.

Case Process Flow

A Process Flow for applicable records sits near the top of the record, as shown below.

(1) Each Process Flow has an indicator of how many total days the record has been Active.
(2) Process Flows are made up of Stages and Steps; the Target Symbol indicates which stage the record is in.
(3) Most Process Flows have multiple logical Stages.

Process Stages and Steps

Process Stages contain Steps, including information requested to be addressed before advancing to the next Stage.

(1) The Target Symbol indicates the currently active Stage; in the case above, it is in the “Identify” Stage.
(2) Clicking on the Target opens the “Steps” pane.
(3) Within the Stage are Steps to address that Stage.
(4) Once the Steps have been addressed, the user can move the Process Flow to the Next Stage.
(5) There is also an indicator of how long this stage has been active.
(6) For Stages with many Steps, this will open the Process Flow as a sticky sidebar.