RapidStartCRM – Prospects

As you go about your business you will be continually meeting new people, or they will be finding you, either way, at this stage they are not someone you do business with… yet. Some solutions complicate this need; in RapidStartCRM we wanted to make it simpler. A “Prospect” in RapidStartCRM is really just a Contact, at a different stage of engagement with you and there are some unique differences.

Prospects List View

The List View of Active Prospects will open, which looks similar to a spreadsheet.
(1) To get to Prospects, in the Sidebar, click on “Prospects”.
(2) There are a few different view filters available with RapidStartCRM, and you can select between them. In addition you can set one as your default.
(3) The Ribbon, contains various Actions that you can take with regard to Prospects from the list view, like adding new ones for example. If you select one or more Prospects, by placing a checkmark in the first column, the available Actions will change to those to be performed on the selected Prospects.
(4) To open a particular Prospect’s record, you can click on the Prospect name.
(5) To create a new prospect record, click + New Contact.

Prospect Record Form

The Prospect Record form, looks a little different than the Main Contact Record form, for one thing, it contains a Prospect Process Flow.
(1) In the Ribbon, you will see actions you can take on this record, like assigning it to someone else, or converting the Prospect to an Active Contact, for example.
(2) The Prospect record includes a Prospect Process Flow, to guide your users through the steps of advancing this Prospect, to hopefully become an Active Contact at some point.
(3) Most records in RapidStartCRM have “Tabs” to move between other areas of the particular record. On the Prospect record there are tabs for Summary, Addresses,  Details and Timeline History. When you Convert a Prospect to an Active Contact, all of this information remains.
(4) In addition to Contact information, in the center there is also a Company Information panel, unlike the Active Contact, here it is not linked to an existing Account record… yet.
(5) Unique to RapidStartCRM is our “Hashtags” feature, for “free-form” record tagging. Check out the Hashtags Topic.