RapidStart CRM – Business Central Available Tables

RapidStart CRM Business Central Addon includes the ability to display Business Central tables “Virtually” within RapidStart CRM. There are 68 Business Central tables available that can be brought into RapidStart CRM. Our default installation includes these 10 tables:

  • “Customer” used to integrate Accounts
  • “Item” which is the product catalog
  • “Sales Invoice” and “Sales Invoice Lines”
  • “Sales Order” and “Sales Order Lines”
  • “Sales Quote” and “Sales Quote Lines”
  • “Sales Shipment” and “Sales Shipment Lines”

To Add or Remove Virtual tables, click on “Available Tables” in the sidebar

Click on a Table name

To add table, Select Visible (to Green) and Save record. It will take a few moments for the table to appear in RapidStart CRM. Be aware that you will need to customize the apps and forms for the table to appear in the UI.

To remove a Table, after you have customized to remove any references to it from the app(s), select Visible (to red) and Save record.