RapidStartCRM – Field Service Technicians Mobile App

The RapidStartCRM Field Service Addon includes a Mobile App for your Field Technicians. In order for them to access the app, you will need to “Share” the Mobile App

Share Mobile App

For users to use the Technicians mobile app, it must be shared with them first. The following steps can be performed by a System Administrator.

First go to https://make.powerapps.com

Make sure you are connected to the correct environment (1) in the top right. Then select Apps in the side bar (2), and the three dots next to the “RapidStartCRM Technician App”(3), then “Share” (4).

Enter a user’s name in the search box and then select “Share”

Now have the User install “Power Apps” from Microsoft on their mobile phone from their phone providers app store and within that app, they will see the RapidStartCRM Technicians App.

Note: Due to the way this app is used, sending real-time status updates for example, it will not work properly when offline. Make sure your technicians’ have carrier service in any areas where they may be using this app.

Click here to download a Mobile Guide you can print and share with your Technicians on using the Mobile App.