The Original RapidStartCRM Installation

Welcome to the Installation Page for The Original RapidStartCRM

What is RapidStartCRM?

RapidStartCRM is a Managed Solution that is available from Microsoft’s Appsource.  RapidStartCRM is a Power App that requires a Power Apps CDS Environment to be in-place to install it on.

How to get RapidStartCRM

The first thing you will need is a Power Apps environment, and there are several ways to go about getting that depending on your situation.

If you are not already a Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) customer, then you can go here to create a Microsoft 365 trial, and then return to this page.

If you already have Power Apps Per User license(s) or Dynamics 365 license(s), you can skip to Step 2.

Step 1. Creating a Power Apps Trial (Can be converted to paid later) Approximately 20 minutes.

Start by going to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center at .

Under the Billing section, select “Purchase services” (1). Then scroll down to the “Business apps” category (2), then scroll right to the “Power Apps per user plan” and click “Details” (3).

Click “Get free trial”

Click “Try now”.

Click “Continue”.

After your trial is provisioned, Click Users” (1), then “Active users” (2), then select a User by clicking on their name (3).

Select the “Licenses and Apps” tab (4), Check the box for “Power Apps per user plan” (5) (You can repeat these steps for up to 25 users)

Save changes (6)

Step 2. Creating an Environment. Approximately 10 minutes.

With the Trial provisioned, and a license assigned to your user, go to

If you already have an environment you want to use, that has a database, you can skip to Step 3, otherwise Select “+ New” (1).

Give your environment a Name (2) (can be anything), then select the Type as “Trial (Subscription-based)”(3).

Make sure “Create a database for this environment?” is set to “Yes” (4), then click “Next” (5).

As of this writing RapidStartCRM is English language and USD currency only.

Create a URL name where this environment can be found online (1). This will need to be unique, and you will see an alert if name already exists. You can use underscores, but no spaces. Click “Save” (2).

Shortly, you should see your new environment.

Step 3. Adding RapidStartCRM to a new or existing Environment. Approximately 10 minutes.

Log into Microsoft’s

Type “RapidStart” into the search box (1), then click on “RapidStart CRM – The Original” (2).

Click on “GET IT NOW”.

Confirm your information and accept Microsoft permissions (1), click “Continue” (2).

On the screen that opens, confirm the target environment, or select it (1), then accept more Microsoft Terms (2) and click “Install” (3).

It may take some time, and a few screen refreshes, but you will eventually see RapidStartCRM. Wait for status to say “Installed” (1), then go back to the environment summary by clicking environment name (2).

Make note of the Environment URL so you can bookmark it later (1) . You can click on either the environment URL, or “Open Environment” to get to the RapidStartCRM Apps (2).

RapidStart Settings App for applying Security roles to users, etc. (1). RapidStartCRM Main App (2)

Whichever App you choose, you can go to the Documentation Dashboard in either app, to learn more about RapidStartCRM.