RapidStart CRM Time Sheets Addon Setup

To use RapidStart CRM Time Sheets Addon, you must set up a few things first. Here is the overview:

  1. Assign User Roles
  2. Share Mobile App
  3. Edit Recurrence for Time Sheets
  4. Manually generate first time sheets (Optional)

Note: A System administrator role is required for some of these steps, which will be noted.

1) Assign Roles

Licensed Users in your organization who will be accessing the Time Sheets features and creating Time Entries will need the “RapidStart Time Sheets User” security role.  Time Sheet Managers who will be accessing the Time Sheet Managers app will need the “RapidStart Time Sheets Manager” role.

A RapidStart Power User can access all apps and assign roles from either the RapidStart Settings App or the Time Sheets Manager app. A User with the Time Sheets Manager role can access the Time Sheets Manager App to do the following. If you have a Time Sheets Manager, a Power user will need to assign them the Time Sheets Manager role initially. Going forward, this is where you would add/remove users for Time Sheets access.

Select one or more users from the RapidStart CRM Access Users view, select Bulk Edit Roles, and select role(s).

2) Share Mobile App

Users can enter time on the web app without further steps. For users to use the mobile Time Sheets app, it must be shared with them first. The following steps can be performed by a System Administrator.

First, go to https://make.powerapps.com

Make sure you are connected to the correct environment in the top right. Then select Apps in the sidebar, and the three dots next to the “RapidStart CRM Time Sheets App”, then “Share”.

Enter a user’s name in the search box and select “Share”.

This user can now install Power Apps on their mobile phone from their phone app store, and within that app, they will see the RapidStart CRM Time Sheets App. You would also do this for users who may only use the Time Sheets Mobile app.

Click here to download a Mobile Guide you can print and share with your users on using the Mobile App.

3) Edit Recurrence for Time Sheets

By default, Time Sheets are created once a week on Sunday at Midnight. To change this schedule, in the same maker portal, click on “Solutions” in the sidebar, then click on “RapidStartCRM Time Sheets Addon”.

In the Solution, Click on Cloud Flows in the assets list, then click on “Time Sheets – Create New Weekly”.

This will open the Flow. Click on Edit.

Click on the first item, the trigger, and edit to fit your needs

4) Manually generate the first time sheets (Optional)

When you first install this addon, you will not see any time sheets until the trigger for creation fires; the default is Sunday at midnight. If you don’t want to wait until then before you start using Time Sheets, you can manually generate them.

While still on the above screen, click Test, then click Manually, then “Save & Test”. This will run the flow immediately, generating new timesheets.