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RapidStartCRM Referral – User Positions

RapidStartCRM provides the optional ability to create and assign Positions to users. You may find this handy as it will show the Position in the User’s record, but for some of our Addons, like RapidStartSERVICE, Positions are needed for app functionality. This is spelled out in the particular app’s documentation.

To Create a Position and Add Users to it, first open the RapidStart Settings App. This app is only visible to RapidStart Power Users and System Administrators.

To get to the RapidStart Settings App, from whatever app you are in, click the app name in the header to open the app selector.

The App Selector shows all apps you have access to. Open the RapidStart Settings app by clicking on it.

If you don’t land on the Positions list when the RapidStart Settings app opens, select Positions from the sidebar (1), then select + New (2)

Give your Position a name (1), and provide an optional description (2), then Save the record (3).

Once saved and refreshed you will see the Members list, add existing users to this Position here. Note: Users can only have one Position.

To remove users from a Position, select a user(s) (1) and click Remove (2).