RapidStartCRM Referral – User Roles

RapidStartCRM includes several User Roles that a “RapidStart Power User” can assign to users from within the application including:

RapidStart Limited User

This role is for basic users, that you do not want to see certain records of other users. This user can only see their own records; either records they created, or records that were assigned to them by others. In addition, this user cannot delete any records including their own. This role is quite restrictive, and it is more common to give basic users the RapidStart Basic User Role below.

RapidStart Basic User

While still limited in scope, this role is for an open organization, where all users can see all records. However this user cannot delete any records, nor can they assign records to others.

RapidStart Manager User

This user can see all records of course, but can also delete and assign records.

RapidStart Power User

This is the highest level RapidStart role, the only role with more privileges is the System Administrator role for Power Apps. In addition to everything a Manager can do this role adds things like access to the RapidStart Settings area, etc.

RapidStart How2 User

If you opt to create your own training using the How2 Solution, you must assign this role to any users you want to be able to see the How2 assets.

RapidStart How2 Administrator

This role is for users who are creating the How2 training assets, and allows the user to assign video libraries to apps.

RapidStart Hashtags Administrator

This role gives a user access to the Hashtags Administration Dashboard and the ability to delete and merge tags.

Cascading Privileges

If you give a user more than one role, they will have the privileges from the highest role for any item. For example, if you give a user the RapidStart Limited User role as well as the RapidStart Power User Role, they will have all of the privileges of the power user. Typically users will have one main role, and then optionally the RapidStart How2 User role, if they are to access How2 assets. They may also have the RapidStart How2 Administrator and/or RapidStart Hashtags Administrator roles if they are responsible for managing those items.

To Assign Roles

To assign roles to users, first open the RapidStart Settings App. This app is only visible to RapidStart Power Users and System Administrators.

To get to the RapidStart Settings App, from whatever app you are in, click the app name in the header to open the app selector.

The App Selector shows all apps you have access to. Open the RapidStart Settings app by clicking on it.

Option 1 – Bulk Add Roles

  1. If you don’t land on the user list when the RapidStart Settings app opens, select it from the sidebar
  2. Select a user or users
  3. Click “Bulk Add Roles”

This dialog will open.

  1. Select the role(s) you want to apply to the user(s)
  2. Click OK

Option 2 – Individual Add and Remove Roles

To add roles to individual users, or to remove roles from a user, open a user record by clicking on the User’s Name, then check, or uncheck the roles