RapidStart CRM – User Teams

RapidStart CRM provides the optional ability to group users into Teams, like a Sales Team,  and have records owned by those Teams, instead of individual Users.

Note: this is a feature of the application and is not “Microsoft Teams”.

There are three steps: Create a Team, add Users to it, and optionally give the Team a security role(s), and assign records to the Team.

To Create a Team and Add Users to it, first open the RapidStart Settings App. This app is only visible to RapidStart Power Users and System Administrators.

To get to the RapidStart Settings App, from whatever app you are in, click the app name in the header to open the app selector.

The App Selector shows all apps you have access to. Open the RapidStart Settings app by clicking on it.

Step 1 -Create a Team

(1) If you don’t land on the Teams list when the RapidStart Settings app opens, select Teams from the sidebar.
(2) Do not remove the default Team, this team is the default for all users and removing it will prevent user access to the system.
(3) Select + New.

(1) Give your new Team a name.
(2) Select your Business Unit (there should only be one, RapidStart does not support multiple Business Units).
(3) Add a Team Admin.
(4) Provide an optional description.
(5) Save the record.

Step 2 – Add Members and Roles to Teams

Once saved (you may have to refresh) you will see the Members list and Security Roles panes are now active.

(1) To add users, select “Add Existing User”. Note: users can be on more than one Team.
(2) Optionally, you can add a security role to the team that all users will inherit. Be aware that this will be in addition to any direct Security roles the user may have. This requires some thought, for example, if you gave a Team the “RapidStart Power User” role, and then added a user to the Team who has the “RapidStart Limited Role”, that user will now have Power User Privileges.

Remove Members

(1) Select the User(s)
(2) Click Remove.

Step 3 – Assign Records to Teams

To assign records to Teams, go back to the RapidStart CRM App and open any record.

(1) Click the Assign button.
(2) Select “User or Team”.
(3) Pick the Team name who will now own this record.

You can also assign records in bulk from a view.

(1) Select one or more records.
(2) Click Assign to be presented with the same dialog above.