RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon Admin Overview

RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon

RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon is an extension to RapidStart CRM that adds a Contact Us form(s) for your website(s).

What can you do with RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon?

As a RapidStart CRM Power user, you have access to the RapidStart Settings app. You can configure your Web Contact Form(s) from this app. You can create as many web contact forms as you like to place on different web pages or websites. The created Prospect records will indicate which contact form they came from, so you can track what pages are originating which Prospects.

Like everything RapidStart CRM, this addon is super simple to use. Consulting, Customization, and other Support options are available here.

Get Started

You should explore the RapidStart CRM documentation first, as the core functionality of RapidStart CRM is not included here. Please explore the links to the right to learn more about each functional Admin area specific to the RapidStart CRM Web Contact Form Addon.

Note: This documentation is updated whenever we release an update. If the information or screenshots do not match what you see, you may be on an older version.