Working with Time Sheets

Working with Time Sheets is similar to working with Time Entries. Within the Time Sheets Manager App, click on Time Sheets in the sidebar.

This will display a view of all Active Time Sheets in the system. Active Time Sheets are those that are current, and which have not yet been marked as Submitted to Payroll. There are several other views of Time Sheets available which can be accessed by the View selector next to the current View Name (Active Time Sheets above). You can open a Time Sheet by clicking on its name.

The Time Sheet record above has many automatically calculated fields. The Time Entries tab will show the Time Entries related to this Time Sheet.

You any export any or all Time Sheet records from any view by selecting one, multiple or all and then clicking on Export Selected Records. This will generate an Excel download that you can use for whatever purpose.

To edit Time Sheet records in bulk, for example to mark them as Submitted to Payroll, select them as above, and click Edit.